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KLÉRAL SYSTEM EAU DE COULEUR - Water-based hair dye, Eau de Couleur dye, Water-based hair dye from Kleral System


Within the Biogenesi line we find the water-based hair color Eau de Couleur - Aquacolor. It is a special line, vegan, without parabens and ammonia. An ecological and eco-friendly formula that allows coverage of white hair. Aquacolor water-based hair color is a delicate powdered permanent color that is activated by just water, with no need for an oxidizer. It guarantees a natural, luminous and long-lasting color. After wearing gloves and headphones as protective gear, you will receive a precision scale. Follow the directions on each jar. It is recommended to use drinking water for mixing. Eau de Couleur is a permanent coloring powder. It does not require added peroxide, only drinking water is required for its preparation. It is a very delicate dye that provides complete coverage guaranteed by gray hair. Eau de Couleur was tested at the University of Pavia.

  • Directions

    More than 30% of gray hair: mixing ratio 1:6. Put 10g of Aquacolor of the desired color in a container and add 60ml of water; Apply and leave on for about 40-45 minutes, depending on the proportion of white hair to be covered.

    Less than 30% gray hair: mix ratio 1:10. Pour 10g of Aquacolor powder into a non-metallic container and add 100ml of drinking water. Leave on for 20-25 minutes. In both cases, shampoo after treatment and repeat the process if necessary.

  • Size

    The Eau de Couleur watercolor offers 27 different shades for your hair:

    • x 7 naturals
    • x 9 ash
    • x 11 Auburn
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