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Simply straight


When the smooth is simply perfect

In some Asian countries straight hair are an absolute canon of beauty, wherever they immediately makes the look chic and enhances cut and color. It is therefore not surprising that the adjective "perfect" is used right next to "smooth".

In reality, the perfect smooth in nature does not exist and all hair tends to have some form of waviness. To achieve perfection, you must therefore rely on the hands and experience of a professional who, by identifying the needs and characteristics of each woman, relies on the most correct techniques and the most effective and respectful products for the hair. Obviously, perfection can also be enhanced by a particular cut, by a cheeky fringe or, why not, by a return of the flipped ends ... the password is always "creativity". But to create every great artist he needs a perfect or, in this case, perfectly smooth canvas.

BBCOS has studied and created a specific treatment that responds to the need for a perfect smooth with a guaranteed effect that does not stress the hair. Its name is Styliss. A product that in the hands of a careful and prepared professional gives impeccable results to all hair types.

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