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Nature mother of beauty


The regenerative magic of plants between science and life.

Stem cells, these unknown. But not for BBCOS which, starting from the study of plant regeneration, has been able to identify and exploit their powerful regenerative properties. BBCOS acts in research on plant stem cells: a fundamental ethical choice that should never be forgotten.

In simple words, stem cells are "mother cells" from which the other types of more specialized cells originate and are able to replace the "old" cells when these are no longer functional or die, repairing sick or damaged tissues or structures. For hair care stem cells, after a purification process that isolates their precious heritage in terms of functional substances, can be used for numerous positive effects.

BBCOS extracts these cells (Ecocert and Natrue certified) from the roots, stem and leaves of Sea Fennel which have a crucial role in the regeneration of scalp tissues and are rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances, such as phenolic acid and chlorogenic acid.

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