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Haarpflege Produkte Schweiz und naturliche haarpflege

About Us

 Our brands such as bbcos, Vision, Kléral & System cover your needs 100%.


We carry tested hair scissors from AKASAKA in very high quality. Hair scissors are among the most important tools for hairdressers. They should enable a good cut and be shaped in such a way that they are easy to hold even during longer hair cutting sessions.


You also have the opportunity to benefit from a professional scissor sharpening service.


offers a wide range of exclusive hairdressing products for professional hair styling.

Our    values

bbcos revival 7
revival lamellar balm 14 bbcos
bbcos revival 21 leave -in conditioner

The focus is on the customer.

Fairness, social responsibility, reliability and trust create the connection to our products, consumers and partners.

We know our goals and shape our scope of action with a high level of personal responsibility.

We empower ourselves to master today's and tomorrow's challenges.



In cooperation, in front of the market environment and new challenges.



In dealing with employees, customers, consumers and the environment.



The enthusiasm for our products characterises our actions.

We do everything we can to satisfy our customers and consumers and to share the joy of our range with you. 

Gesundheit für Mensch und Tier

1-health betreut Sie rund um Gesundheit, Lichttherapien und Tiernahrung.

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1-Health Logo Draft 1_edited.png
1-Health Logo Draft 1.png
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