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From the latest research, Kleral has developed a new generation of bleaches without ammonia. Thanks to its innovative formula, it is now possible to achieve strong and medium bleaching and highlights without damaging your hair.

  • Directions

    Bleach powder can be used with creamy peroxide to 1 part powder 2 part oxidizer. In a non-metallic bowl, place the required amount of powder and add the following mixing to obtain a soft creamy consistency. Volumes for normal bleaching, 30 volumes for highlights. Time required: leave the cream on for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the hairline and the bleaching agent you want. The amount of whitening tones and the success of the operation depend on the strength of the creamy peroxide used and its protection factor against over-oxidation. Do not exceed the recommended waiting time.

  • Size

    400 gr

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