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3 reasons to use plant stem cell hair care


Skincare has been using plant stem cells for some time and haircare is responding by stating its benefits with new products. This is why plant stem cell products should be used in salons.

The distance between skincare and haircare is getting smaller. In fact, skincare’s typical philosophy of detox, nutrition and regeneration has also been found in haircare products for some years, which are increasingly thinking about healthy hair as starting from the inside.

The ideals of natural beauty are primarily built based on health: a well-hydrated hair and scalp, with no signs of stress from external agents. Haircare services can only perform at top level when built on a strong and healthy foundation. If we think that our scalp consists mainly of our skin, with the only difference being that it is covered by hair, we understand that contamination from one sector into another actually makes sense.

Aware of this, hairdressers must be able to ensure a range of products designed for the both hair and the health and wellbeing of the scalp. Therefore, of the many ingredients available, there must certainly be extracts from plant stem cells contained in the formulas proven to be effective.

Generally, stem cells are defined as undifferentiated cells that are capable of creating different tissue types. They can originate from plants or animals, but plant cells have a specific characteristic; that there is tissue made up of undifferentiated embryonic cells, even in adult examples, capable of creating the plant’s various tissues. They are potentially, therefore, able to regenerate the entire plant.

In the hair industry, there has been a huge growth in their use in the treatment of hair loss, but there are also three good reasons to use plant stem cell products for normal hair care and maintenance.

  1. They provide balance: strengthening haircare with plant stem cells rebalances the scalp and ensures that the hair receives the appropriate amount of nutrients.

  2. They ensure deep hydration, reducing the risk of weakened roots and leaving the hair softer and ready to receive hair treatments.

  3. They contribute to anti-ageing: they penetrate through the skin barrier and speed up cell differentiation, replacing the cells that are already dead.

They are contained in product formulas as extracts, concentrated into substances such as vitamins, amino acids, lipids, and minerals, from which the main functions that work directly with the other cells are obtained, acting on the physiological processes that slow down over time. Therefore, this makes plant stem cells a valuable ally in daily haircare routines.

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